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porn sites

Post by Whitley_stu » Mon Jan 13, 2020 2:01 pm

OK... I enjoy a good porn site as much as the next man/woman..... but I'm finding that I'm massively more turned on by 'teasing' porn than by the hard core... perhaps it's my age? There are few things as erotic as being sexily teased by a woman who understands the art! Glimpses of nipple, flicking tongues and slightly gaping panties... just enough to offer one's imagination something to work on.
Of course.... if these teases are augmented by a bit of filthy talk so much the better.

Oh... even better... all of the above presented by amateurs... what is it about so called 'amateur' porn that makes it so different and so much more enticing?

Anyone recommend any worthwhile sites.. any of you pervy guys - or indeed lovely ladies on here have any ideas?

Anyway..... must get back to the day job... enough of this.

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