Bra’s for larger boobs

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Re: Bra’s for larger boobs

Post by yurigagarin » Sat Aug 17, 2019 8:21 pm

I agree - beautiful bras NG - your wife will surely look even lovelier wearing them !
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Re: Bra’s for larger boobs

Post by Cunninglinguist » Mon Aug 26, 2019 2:56 pm

Broken_Halo wrote:
Tue Aug 13, 2019 6:52 am
Nylon_guy wrote:
Tue Aug 13, 2019 5:25 am
Thank you both for the suggestions, will definitely have a look :)

Just wondering, what is your cup size BH, and same for Mrs Yuri? This seems to be the main problem when looking for larger sizes rather than the back size
I am a 36E
Bh xx
I am 38C BH,as measured in M&S.

Does this mean I am bigger than you?

Bra sizes confuse me,I wouldn't have thought my small tits would be bigger than yours :D

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