Soft cock cum

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Soft cock cum

Post by MrSmooth » Sat Feb 13, 2021 8:24 am

For a life time men cum when Rock hard. When beating one off while the big purple head is glowing.

Well I have quite a few times pulled myself off and cum while totally soft.

The other night the wife and myself where having some fun and she was laying there with her huge clit erect like micro cock sticking up a good 2 to 3 inches. She was masturbating it like i do on my own cock.

I laid watching her as she moaned and groaned and then she reached all heaven and released the flood of pussy cum.

After this she went to get cleaned up and come back in i the bedroom

I was all soft again but I had been hard watching her.

She come over to me and just slowly lifted my soft 2 to 3 inch cock and started to pull it like a cows milked tit.

I could feel myself wanting to cum but I was not hard she looked at me pulling and stretching my soft limp cock and then she let my cock flop down and said one min.

She leant over to the draws and said which one.

Now we have 4 one 6 inch, 8 inch, 9 inch, 10 inch, dildos I laid there and just said the blue one which is the 9 inch.

She pulled it out the draw and lubed it up, lifted both my legs up spread wide like I was about to give birth, lifted my soft cock and balls up and inserted the blue slowly in.

She started steady and I could feel she was pretty much getting half in already, now I can take 9 inches without an issue so she was teasing me.

She pulled blueie out and I was still soft but she looked at me and said you ready. I said yes, I laid still and she pushed blue all the way in slowly which all of a sudden I started to cum, flooding down my balls onto blue as she stated to pump cum covered dildo into my ass.

After I had stopped cumming I laid the and my wife just carried on pumping me I was on heaven my soft cock and huge balls slapping about all wet with slippy cum.

It felt amazing.

The wife stopped after about 5 mins and she was fingering my stretched hole for a few mins which was amazing.

So you can cum soft is the story

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