What does it mean to you?

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What does it mean to you?

Post by Wolf Mother » Sun Jan 03, 2021 6:00 pm


A bit of slap and tickle?

Have you ever thought of "BDSM" as spiritual?

I watched His Royal Cockness, Rocco, talk about his early childhood. His connection to sexuality through his own mother's overt sexuality. He said he felt like his sexuality was his demon.

All the while thinking, "but, you're a God, Rocco. Why do you cry in the shower after wanking, thinking you're "bad"?"

I couldn't understand why someone like HIM would think he was bad. All he gave to the world was absolute pleasure. And then I realised. "Ah, fucking religion!"

He grew up in a very Roman Catholic area. How fucked up is THAT religion. It has all the elements of insanity: blood drinking, canabalism, sexy, half stripped and whipped men, fully six pack ripped on a cross, BEGGING FOR IT!

Religion AND atheism are fucked. Both of them. God is in each others' sexual nature. Or, we're all fucked. I say, God is my husband's cock, my cunt, whoever shares in those spoils, etc. Rocco was always about finding God through submission. He'll always been Porn Jesus to me. Does ANYONE out there get me?
Open source cunt. Can u code in Slack?

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