Who likes to wear Latex!

Where material matters. Latex, leather, rubber or PVC
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Who likes to wear Latex!

Post by piercedguy » Sat Jun 08, 2019 11:49 pm

I love latex and PVC to a degree.
Find it really sexy to wear.
If you use applicator the gear is easy ish to get on.
Use a latex polish and it goes shiny black looks ace.

It gives me a whole new sensation when I’m touched wearing it.
Parts I had no sensation become alive, parts I had sensation become much more so.

Fun with lube, and coupled up with a PVC bed sheet can lead to a really dirty and messy time, slippery time.

When done we always shower in it and clean it up.
Need to dry it very well when used and apply lots of talc before hiding again. :)

It’s a bit of a pain up the arse to clean, especially when you got wrecked that night. Don’t take them off wet and leave them the latex sticks together.

Loads of designs and items available cheap, “wish” is Mega cheap. Also have some expensive stuff from London, better made but for occasional fun start with the cheap stuff and try it out. Lube is good for getting it on and makes it feel nice when you finally manage to get it on. It has to be tight ish but contours the body well.

If your looking for an easy bedroom spice up give it a go.

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Re: Who likes to wear Latex!

Post by anallovers » Sun Jul 19, 2020 3:53 am

I love latex and pvc. Love seeing my helmet just showing out of a tiny pvc mini skirt
Bicuurious mf couple looking for bi/bicuurious mf couples for same sex fun

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