Regular daily thing for me

Does you or your partner like wearing your underwear?

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Regular daily thing for me

Post by MrSmooth » Wed Apr 15, 2020 6:48 pm

Ever since my wife told me to shave completely everything she now buys me ladies panties.

I have some lace ones and some low rise lady's briefs,

My wife says it's easier to buy us both panties than her buy mens and womens.

My wifes friends know i wear panties and all love it.

My mates now know after a little fail last year when we was swimming with about 6 of us three mates and wife's.

We all went swimming and I didn't think one min when we was getting changed in the changing room. We was all getting changed and I dropped my shorts to reveal some black laced panties and one of my mates was like.. What the heck mate.. I was like what not realising.. He said what are you wearing.. I was like oh these well of you have not noticed these are laced ladies panties mate.

He was like really wtf.. I said mate just you carry on in your man world and when we get to the pool your more than welcome to bring it up to the girls. He also said your fully shaved as well your not right. I was like what ever mate just get dressed.

Anyway we head to pool my other two mates said to be honest mate it looked kinda of OK and if your happy that's all that matters.

When we get to the pool the girls are all there and straight away my mate said.. Did any of you know he wears girlie pants. My wife said yes I do because I bought them and the other two girls said yes she has told us all and we all think it's great and would love to see him with his large package in them.. He soon shut up..

When we got back to get changed again he kept looking at me as I stood there for a long while just in my panties drying my hair infront of about 15 men and he didn't know what to say. Infact others in the changing rooms looked and didn't say a word.

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Re: Regular daily thing for me

Post by WriterLust94 » Wed Apr 15, 2020 9:02 pm

Mixture of jealousy, curiosity and titillation I'd bet Mr S ;) :D Another great story, and can't wait for the next one!
Be kind, have fun, and no regrets ;)

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