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Post by Hovis » Fri May 31, 2019 7:36 pm

A few days ago I was on chat and I was asked "What are you into?". Amongst my reply, I mentioned that I like watching women pee. I started to recall what got me into this 'sport'.

Here's my story, let me know what you think of it, I've enjoyed remembering the events of back then...

When I was a teen the government extended the motorway past were we used to live. They also made a huge junction and just off this they created a little lay-by. There was no services on the motorway for miles so the lay-by was well used. Behind the lay-by a small track led to waste ground in which was a rusting farm trailer, a burnt out car and various fly tipped builders waste.

It soon became obvious that the area was being used as the last opportunity for a pee. Tissues were scattered everywhere from girls dabbing themselves dry. I don't recall who came up with the idea, but my pal and I decided to make a hide underneath the trailer. After a lot of effort the hide was complete, and was totally concealed.

We sat in the hide with no action for ages, but eventually patience was rewarded, a man and a woman came walking up the track. The man stopped whipped out his dick and pissed over a bush. The woman who must have been in her fifties kept on coming up the track, she passed our hideout, but not by far, we soon heard the water flowing. Moments later she returned and disappeared down the path. We remained hidden for a while, but came out to see the evidence. A large pool and nearby the telltale tissue. We moved some rubbish to drive people into view, and settle back to wait without success. Nevertheless we resolved to return the following day after school.

We spent every evening in the den that week without success, but each day we were spurred on by the sight of fresh tissue. We used the time to improve the inside of the den, digging it deeper, the spoil filling all the gaps except one under the trailer.

On the Friday evening we achieved our first glimpse. A woman came quickly up the path, looking around checking to see no-one is about. We daren't move, just in case we made a sound. I could hear my pulse deafening in my ears. The woman hikes up her dress, pulls down her tights and mint green knickers, and squats down. She's about 20 feet from us but side on, we could see her bum cheeks and the steady flow of piss whooshing out from her. She turned me on to such an extent that my dick was pushing on my zipper fit to burst. Sadly her performance was over all too quickly.

My pal and I were so turned on that our hard young dicks were in our hands as soon as she was gone.

I recall that many of our visitors where blokes, we were not really interested, one of us would keep a eye, whilst we stayed silent. I remember now that visitors were mostly men but usually they did not come far up the track or close to the den.

The following day, Saturday, we were in the den early. At the time we had no idea what a treat we were to receive. From our hideout we could just about see the roofs of the taller vehicles that entered the lay-by. Thus we were not surprised when when a coach pulled up. We immediately crawled into the den, covering the entrance behind us, and settled in for the hoped for show. My pal and I releasing our dicks in anticipation.

Within minutes a couple came striding up the path. They must have been in their sixties, I recall that the man had grey to white hair and a mustache, the woman was wearing a headscarf and anorak. The guy did his business with the woman standing guard. As soon as his dick was safely tucked away, the woman who was facing us lifted her dress and down came the knicks. Again we were frozen, we could see her face, she must be able to see us. seconds later the piss began to gush out. Her hairy gash was slightly obscured by her big knickers but we could see enough. After an age her water stopped, she stood up and she wiped herself dry with the tissue handed to her by hubby. She tidied herself up and they both left. I couldn't wait to pump my stiff shaft, but I might be too noisy. I would have to hold on.

To our utter delight, as soon as the older couple went round the corner, four people came the other way. All female, ranging in years. We reckoned later that it was granny, mum, aunt and daughter. The daughter was about our age. Granny went first with the two middle women helping her. They all had their backs to us as granny squatted in front of us. She was wobbly on heels, her helpers holding her hands to steady her, this was unlucky for us as her dress blocked the vista. It was bad luck for granny too, because her hem dipped into the puddle of her own creation.

Next it was the turn of the other three, all were wearing trousers. They moved along the track a little, avoiding granny's pool. Wow! They were lined up, facing away, right in front of us. Reaching out of the hide we could have touched them. Unaware of us granny was on lookout, when all three dropped their trousers and panties and squatted before us, if there is a god of sex he was with us that day.

Three gorgeious pussies, about to release a golden torrent. So close we could smell them. Sitting in the darkness my cock was about to ignite, I was slick with pre-cum. First one then the other two began to unload their precious piss cargo. I could see their pussy lips flapping in the flow.

It was 1978, there was no fear about getting tanned, and these girls had obviously, been roasting all summer. All three had legs a deep strong tea shade, which made the pale white of their bums stand out. The squat positions pulling their arse cheeks apart. I was clearly able to see all three arse holes, the skin between them and their leaking pee holes. There was no way that I could stop my hand sliding up and down my engorged cock.

All too soon, they finished emptying the bladders, a little dab and they were gone. The pee was draining into the hide, we were kneeling in it, pricks in hand. Within moments both my pal and I where spurting our semen. We stayed about an hour longer hoping for more and talking over what we had seen.

Over the next few weeks, I spent a lot of time in the hide, mostly alone, my pal not sharing my desire anywhere near as much. I got to watch many women and girls of all ages and sizes. I even spied on one women dropping a few logs, although this didn't turn me on nearly as much as I thought it might.

In the winter I stopped going to the hide. By the spring the weeds had grown at lot and the hole had filled in a little, the hide was no longer usable.

I visited the area many years later with my soon to be wife to fumble about. She needed a pee, but made sure I as out of sight.

Today there is a business park and a hotel where the layby and the hide used to be.
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Re: Hide

Post by unspanked » Fri Aug 09, 2019 9:49 pm

What a wonderful experience Hovis. Wish I could have shared it with you as I too have a passion for watching ladies relieve themselves of per.

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Re: Hide

Post by cartepostale » Mon Dec 09, 2019 4:42 pm

Wow. Great memories Hovis!

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