Connie's Visit

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Connie's Visit

Post by MrRee » Mon Jun 29, 2020 11:34 pm

I had met Connie after a sale had gone deliciously right, getting to know her a little before falling madly into a relationship with her....

Shortly after I started going out with Connie, my first term at college started. Rather than drive the 10 miles each day, I left the restriction of the lodgings I had been allocated on my arrival at the city, and moved into student digs in the nearby college town. It was a typical student house, an old terrace that had not really been modernised much. The front was ugly where the window had been badly replaced, and green moss crept up the front wall. The purple paint on the front door looked as though it had been there 30 years. But it was cheap. Kenny and Suzi needed someone else to spread the cost with. They shared the upstairs front room. I was given the choice of the back room or the downstairs front. I didn't fancy the back much; being an old terraced house the bathroom was accessed through the back bedroom, which would mean little privacy! So I duly moved in downstairs.

Soon came a big college dance. Now normally I wasn't one for going to these, since I didn't know many people outside my classes, and being engineering they were mainly guys, mainly the guys from the factory I was an apprentice at. But Connie made that different. She was gorgeous, and I'd never had a beautiful girlfriend before. I was shy and never had the confidence to ask them out. I had met Connie while she was underage, known her as a friend until she was old enough, then just kind of developed into a relationship.

Since our first fumblings Connie had developed a real thirst for sex, and could never resist an opportunity. She seemed to thrive on the thrill where there was a risk of being caught! Why, one time when she was ill she had even pulled me into her sickbed and insisted I enter her, even though her family were all watching TV in the next room!

Connie was just 5 feet tall, and quite petite, slim, but her 36DD breasts were an obvious attraction. She wore her light brown hair in the big permed fashion of the day, which quite set off her small face, which had perfect skin and just slightly rosy cheeks. Her big blue eyes sparkled to match her perfect teeth, and her wide, laughing smile. Connie was a stunner all right and any guy would have been proud to have her on his arm. Which was why I was planning to show her off at the college dance!

We made the arrangements with her mother. Stepfather was away again. I arranged that Connie would sleep in the spare upstairs room, so that we could have a drink, and that I would take her home the next day. I think at the time I really meant she would sleep upstairs. I think!

That evening I collected Connie and took her back to the house to settle her things. Connie looked fantastic as ever, in tight blue denims and a dusky pink mohair sweater. That was topped off with a reddish-brown leather-look bomber jacket with a faux-fur collar, which seemed to blend into Connie's curls to make a full mane. I showed her round the house. Kenny and Suzi were sitting in the living room, which was rare; I didn't see much of them. They were friendly enough but our lives just didn't cross. I showed Connie the spare room, and she lay on the bed to test it for comfort, laughing up at me, almost inviting me. God but she was sexy!

It was still a bit early to go to the dance, so we went down to my room and turned on the TV. It was a big enough room, but sparsely furnished in student style. The carpet had seen better days; once it would have been vibrant with swirls of orange and yellow, smudges of green, among a brown base. Now it just looked tired. My single bed was pushed against the wall opposite the window, as far away from the street as I could get it. On the wall to its right was an old double wardrobe, once it would have been shiny and expensive, now it was scratched and shoddy. On the wall to its left was a fireplace with an electric fire, my only source of heat. Next to the fireplace, a cupboard for the meters, right by the over-large window. In front of the window sat my TV and an upholstered bedroom chair, with a loose cover in a revolting mustard paisley. Next to that, the front door, which opened onto the street. A dingy little hole, but my first place of independence.

We cuddled on the bed a while to watch the TV. As the programme ended we got up, ready to go. Connie combed through her hair and checked her makeup; she always did her long lashes to set off those beautiful eyes. "Hang on, we've a few minutes yet. A kiss before we go," I said. We embraced in the middle of the floor. Our lips met, parted, and the touch of our tongues ignited the passion. For a couple of minutes we stood, joined together, our tongues sharing mouths, arms wrapped round, hands stroking each other's backs. "OK, it won't matter if we're a few minutes late!" I whispered. All the better to make an entrance!

Connie sat on the chair. I knelt in front of her to continue our clinch. Her knees parted to allow me close, and my hands slipped inside her jacket, exploring the contours of her spine, subconsciously registering the position of her bra fastener, before moving round to the front to tease her hardening nipples.

She in turn slipped her hands inside my black leather jacket to caress my chest. Although I was only a few inches taller than her, I carried the physique of a competitive swimmer and my muscles were well-toned. In those days you could bounce anything off my six-pack and I wouldn't even flinch! Connie loved those muscles and her fingers probed to feel their every inch.

Our lips too continued their exploration of each other. I moved round to kiss her neck, hearing her breathe out softly as I did so. My hand slipped down, over her flat tummy, to rest inside her thigh. Her legs parted a little more, and I read the signal. We were getting too hot to trot! Connie sat back in the chair to allow me better access to her jeans button and zipper. As my hand slipped inside her moist panties, through her soft pubic hair, Connie lay back and allowed me to pleasure her. Thoughts of going out were fading rapidly! First one, then two fingers slipped into the hot wetness of her most private place. Connie's eyes closed as she groaned with pleasure, my fingers working their way in and out, finding the places she enjoyed being touched the most. For several minutes I played inside her, until her hips lifted from the chair and she shuddered to a climax.

By now of course I had a huge bulge in my pants and Connie had wet knickers. Connie looked at my straining knob and I looked at the bed. We made an unspoken decision to go out another night; this opportunity was too good to miss! I could just tell the guys that we had got carried away and make them jealous as hell that way!
We moved over to the bed, dropping our jackets on the floor. Connie unzipped my jeans and peeled them off, releasing my hard dick, which sprang to attention. She sat beside me on the bed as I lay back and began to work her hand up and down my shaft. We were still young and naive and hadn't yet discovered oral sex - I wish we had! But at that time we didn't need it; my cock could stay up like a double dose of Viagra and Connie was almost insatiable. It wasn't long before she brought me off and we cleaned up with a tissue.

As we lay together on the bed we undressed each other. We took our time, as it was the first chance we'd ever had to be totally naked together, and we were both savouring the beauty of each other's bodies. And Connie did have a beautiful body. All the right curves were in all the right places, and all in perfect proportion. Apart from her breasts, which were very big for her size, and I wasn't complaining about that! She was pretty happy with them too, I guess they brought her plenty of attention, which she revelled in.

Our lips and fingers explored each other. I appreciated her soft, smooth shoulders, her lightly muscled tummy, her peachy pert butt, her gently curved silky thighs. Soon we were ready to make love again. We took up the missionary position, and I reached under the bed for the 12-pack of Durex. I was ready this time!

As I entered her Connie gasped, "Oh, yes!" Tonight no-one cared how much noise we made, and I slammed my cock in deep. Her back arched in pleasure and her hips pressed hard against mine, inviting every last bit of me inside her. Her hands grasped my tight ass to pull me close, as I thrust my hips back and forth. Those swimmer's muscles were working as hard as they ever had in a race, but now they were delivering an angel closer to heaven! Connie's frantic hands were moving all over my back, her nails raking across it, making me arch and thrust even more. I could feel her pussy contractions squeezing my dick, trying to milk it. But I was not ready for the second coming just yet. Connie was though, and she let out a loud moan as she came, wrapping legs and arms around me like an orgasmic octopus, before letting them collapse limply back to the bed.

Moments later, the sexy blue eyes opened again with a sparkle. "Oh god, that was terrific." But I wasn't finished. "Come on, you've got more to do yet!" Without letting my still-solid tool fall out of her, I rolled us both over together so that she was on top. In this position I could fully appreciate the swell of her hips astride me, the slimness of her waist, the beauty of her face and hair and of course take both those incredible breasts into my hands, feeling their weight, their perky firmness, watch as the nipples hardened as my fingers teased them.

With an impish grin that could light up the county, Connie began to move her hips back and forth, riding my erection. Now it was my turn to be pleasured uncontrollably. Though she was petite, in this position she had me pinned down, and I had no desire to escape! Connie was in full control now and she was making the most of it. As soon as I began to tense, she would lift her hips clear of me, without releasing my cock, just long enough to pull me back from the brink, then start again.

Then suddenly she decided it was time, bending down onto me to plant her breasts on my chest and a passionate kiss on my lips, pushing her pussy down at my cock, grinding her clit against me. I was helpless, and my loins exploded with fire as I pumped my semen inside her. My head was spinning with red and green stars as her tongue probed my mouth and my body was wracked with spasms of sheer pleasure. Connie was shaking too as she climaxed, her hands gripping mine in a pindown position either side of my head.

"Did you enjoy that?" she smiled mischievously at me. She knew damned well we both had! But we were also spent, as it was about three hours since the dance should have started. We pulled the covers over us and spooned together to fall asleep.

Now I had never spent a whole night with a girl before, and to spend it naked with a gorgeous sex kitten like Connie was something else. I didn't really sleep; I dozed a bit but my hormones were still rampant. Come the light of dawn I was waking, and like most guys I woke with a woody. Except I was snuggled up to a goddess and I still wanted more. So I began to wake her in the naughtiest way.

My arm wrapped around and cupped her left breast, gently teasing the nipple. My hips pressed up to the soft fleshiness of her rounded rump, so that my cock could seek that gap between her thighs and into her pussy. For a few minutes I worked the tip of my cock into her. Then she stirred. "Are you trying to help yourself, you naughty boy?" she laughed. She turned over and handed me another rubber.

We lay on our sides, me between her luscious legs. The sheer animal passion of the night before was replaced by soft sensuality. Our hips thrust gently to each other as we looked lovingly into each other's eyes, planting soft kisses on each other's lips. Unforgettable eyes, always bright, always smiling, still made up from the night before. My fingers traced the smooth contours of her lithe waist and hips. Her fingertips made a path from my powerful shoulders, checking my pectorals, across my six-pack to grip my hip.

She rolled onto her back, and her other hand took my other hip, pulling me towards her. Our thrusts became deeper and more urgent. My balls were aching to fill her again.

Even lying on her back, her breasts were still big, and they bounced erotically in time with my pelvic thrusts. The sight of those excited me even more, and I felt my knob swell again. "Yes! Yes!" Connie looked up at me. "Come on big boy, fill me with cum again!" Her pussy was pulsating, squeezing my cock towards orgasm, and I was so ready! I slammed it in hard and let go, feeling the hot sensation in my shaft as I ejaculated into her.

As we lay down relaxing together, I looked at the clock. Damn! I had to get up for college lectures that morning. But I would be back by lunchtime and Connie would be waiting for me!

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Re: Connie's Visit

Post by Art » Tue Jun 30, 2020 8:47 am

Great story and expression of sensuality I love it and all of the details good experience and writing I really enjoyed it! What a hot read! Thanks for sharing.

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Re: Connie's Visit

Post by Fingers » Thu Jul 02, 2020 7:04 am

Great story, thank you for sharing.

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