The Wife Did It finally

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The Wife Did It finally

Post by MrSmooth » Sat Aug 08, 2020 8:20 am

Hey again all

So my wife and myself are very open with close friends age family.

All our friends and family know we have a very active sex life whether it's with each other or alone or with others.

For example my wifes mother the In law knows a shave all and wear panties. She knows I have shared her daughter with others she actually 4 years ago asked what it was like to me and the wife to have sex with a 3rd person. She also has seem me naked and she has yes it's true seen me erect at a party we had and she was drunk so she asked my wife to let her see her son in laws cock so my wife took us both up stairs for 2 mins and pulled my trousers and panties down and made me hard. Her words were... That's a very pretty cock and I can see why she likes it so much. And she went back down to the party.

Any way as you can see we are very open everyone knows.

So last week my wife and I was at a friend's house social distancing etc in the garden and had a few drinks, about 7pm my with said its time to go home so we set off.

When we got home the kids were in there rooms and my wife said she felt horny and wanted sex. Well kids where in and didn't feel right, about 15 mins later she said get your shoes on and let's go out. So we got shoes on and went for a walk.

When we got out side the wife said I so need sex which I said that's fine but where we going.

15 min Walk and we arrived at the mother in laws house and walked in in.

Mother in law sat watching TV and the wife said to her mum. So you ok with this we will only be about an hour mum. She said oh yes fine carry on.

I was like wtf..

Wife said. My mum said we can use her upstairs to have sex so let's go... I looked at her mum and her mum said to me.. Finally I get to see you have sex and winked.

Any way we went upstairs and in the spare room my wife was undressed instantly I was rock hard and she started to play with her huge clit while sucking me.

Anyway about 30 mins on I was fully in my wife she was moaning and we heard a knock at the room door. The mother in law shouted.. Hope your not hurting my daughter with that weapon.

My wife laughed and shouts back no mummy I am OK come in and check if you want.


The door I opened and she walked in I was fully inside her daughter.. She looked at her daughter age said.. I can see he is right inside you.. The wife slowly pushed me out and I was rock hard.

The mother looked at the wife and said why don't I stay here and make sure your OK while he carrys on.

My wife said OK mummy.

They looked at me and said carry on.

So I popped back into my wife and slowly pushed in. The mother in law looked at me and said slowly you.

Anyway I started pounding my wife again she was moaning like made playing with her clit. My wife then pulled my cock out and i inserted into her ass. Her mum looked at me and says omg you pair are dirty.

I pounded her ass hole for 5 mins and my wife made her self cum about 3 times.. Her mum just sat there.

I pulled out and said I was about to cum.

Her mum said oooh I get to witness the huge cum load my daughter takes about..

Anyway my wife was tugging away and I shouted here goes and I started gushing out all over my wife and it was alot. The mother in law was quite and just looked gobsmacked.

Anyway I finished and just when the mother thought it was over the wife said mummy wait he hasn't finished

I got down and licked most the cum off her.

The mother in law Said wow he is a good boy.

We went in the shower and as we where both in the shower the mother in law comes in naked she says let me help clean my son and daughter.

She hops in and my wife carrys on washing her self but her mum turns to me and starts washing me for a minute but then just goes full on to my balls and cock soaking then and rubbing hard

The wife shouts make sure you clean his cock well mummy I was hard again omg..

The wife looked at me and said what are you don't getting hard again now mummy is going to have to finish you off. Well that was that the wife was drying her self off i was in the shower with her mother being tugged off.

The mother in law had a lovely shaved pussy and good tits no big nipples like my wife but good tits and a good size clit so I see where wife gets it from.

She was still tugging me and pulled my closer to her and she started flicking her cot with my big purple head.

The wife said to her mum.. Please don't insert inside you mummy i would prefer you not to her mum said OK darling and just carried on flicking her clit with my helmet.

I had a good play with her mums tits the wife said it was fine as I am her son in law and breast feeding is fine.

Anyway about 7 mins in I shot my load again into her mums hand not too much this time. Her mum looked at me and the wife lifted her hand up and said to the wife can I taste it..

Wife said sue thing mummy..

And she swallowed my cum

We all got out and dressed she just before we left the mother in law said to us both.. You are to lovely daughter and son in law my house is your sex Palace any day..

As we walked home the wife said to me.

My mum has been asking for years to see you fuck me she said when we met when I was 18 her mum apparently said to her.. If he will do anything with you during sex make sure you tell me what he does and likes and apparently my wife and her mum know everything we have been doing from day one.

So I got watched by mother in law to fuck her daughter and got tugged off by the mother in law and cum in her hand and then watched her swallow it all.

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Re: The Wife Did It finally

Post by anallovers » Sat Aug 22, 2020 9:02 am

Fuck me I'm dripping cum everywhere reading this. I want to join In too haha
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Re: The Wife Did It finally

Post by Welshsmiff » Sun Nov 01, 2020 8:02 am

Thats hot mmmm

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