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Rock DJ

Post by MrRee » Mon Jan 04, 2021 6:54 pm

Based on two true events, I've just blended them together to make one sexy story... Or what might have happened if I'd given the right answer to the question! Both parts actually happened, just not on the same night or with the same girl.

It was the late seventies. I was still in college, but as a sideline I worked as a mobile DJ. I was doing a party that some mates had organized in the sports club. The rig was tucked away in the corner of the low-ceilinged little room with the vinyl-tiled floor. To one side was the doorway leading to the toilets, while behind was the door to the changing rooms. I had stashed some of my cases and covers in there.

Everything was set up, music was playing and people were dancing. All the lights were working and nothing had gone wrong with the sound system yet. It seemed to be a good party.

But there was something not right. Karen had not yet arrived. Ok, she was sometimes a bit late, but it was after half past eight and her house was only ten minutes away.

Karen was my girlfriend. She was taller than me, and she was what you might describe as powerfully built, though her 5'10" frame could carry it. She was also a tease. She talked the talk all right, but there had been no bedroom activity.

I spun Michael Jackson's "Rock With You", announcing it over my cross-fade. It was a chart-topper, but not exactly a floor-filler. Not in this company. But it would get the girls up, then the guys could ogle, check out the talent, and perhaps make their move on one.

I could get the guys up with the Sex Pistols, maybe Sham 69, the new order of music. That would get a floor full of sweaty pogoing punks, probably get some gear knocked over if I didn't hold it up! But not many girls. Not in those days.

Jazz-funk was a fair bet, some Shakatak, Shalamar, George Benson. Madness was guaranteed to get a floor full of nutty boys -and girls- shaking their baggy trousers. But the common denominator here was rock! The heavier the better! And I was the only mobile jock in town with a record collection full of Sabbath, Maiden, Led Zep...

I flicked over to the next record. Somebody was watching Mr. Rockwell, and he was getting paranoid about it. No, I was saving Sabbath for later, waiting for the alcohol to take effect!

There was a movement to my side, and I looked up to see a girl approaching round the back of my decks. "Hello?" I queried. "I'd like to have a look at some of your records." Being organized, I had them listed in a ring binder, which I passed her. "They're all in there," I said.

She flicked through the book, showing little real interest. After a minute or so she made her mind up. "I don't really want to look at your records. I was wondering, have you got a girlfriend?" Wow. That was direct!

I looked at her again. She was gorgeous, about 5'7", with dark shoulder-length hair in a soft perm. She wore only a little make-up, and clearly didn't need any more! A touch of mascara, a smidgeon of eyeliner, a smear of pearly lipstick, which just brought a soft sheen to her lips.

I thought quickly. Do I tell her the truth, or do I change the truth and make a new reality? I looked at my watch. "Well," I said, "I did, but seeing as she's not here by now I obviously don't any more."

That might as well be the truth, I reasoned. My relationship with Karen didn't seem to be going anywhere, and a bird in the hand... might show me her bush!

The newcomer smiled, the soft pink lips parting to show a row of perfect white teeth. "I'm Rachel," she said. I noticed the way her bright green eyes flashed. There was something sexual in the tone of her voice. I introduced myself in return. "I know," she said, "you told us all that over the microphone!"

Rachel sat down next to me. Close. We began to chat, finding out a little more about each other. You can hear a lot more behind the disco speakers than you can in front of them! Rachel was 19 too, and worked in a local supermarket. I was already thinking of changing my shopping habits!
I changed the mood of the music a little. It was coming up to rock time, so I went into a transition track with Dave Edmunds' "Girls Talk." There were some comings and goings on the dance floor. A DJ reads those movements. Rachel gave me another movement to read; as I sat back down, putting her hand on my thigh and stroking gently up and down the inside.

She looked into my eyes and moved closer. Our lips met for the first time, and the soft touch combined with the fingers on my leg caused a stirring in my pants. The lips carried on, pressing gently until they were in full contact, then parted so that our tongues could make their acquaintances too. Pow! Light the touch paper! The sensation was electric as our tongues contacted, the tips sensually performing a rhumba before moving alongside to twist and tangle. Her soft cheek brushed mine, and I could smell the sweetness of her subtle perfume.

The song began to fade and I hurriedly broke the kiss and mumbled some nonsense into the microphone. "Squeeze me! Take me! I'm yours!"
No, not wishful thinking or sheer unbridled lust, I had just announced the next song! Rachel seemed to take it as a signal though, for as I turned back to me she kissed me harder, more passionately, and her hand returned to the general region of my thigh.
Just for long enough to use it as a route to my bulge and give it a good squeeze.

"Take me! I'm yours now!" she whispered in my ear, finishing the words by flicking her tongue right into my ear. Whoosh! Now that is one thing guaranteed to send me into overload! My cock strained to be free of my trousers, and I nearly creamed my pants there and then!
My hand slipped inside her indigo denim jacket and found the edge of her black t-shirt, easing the fingers underneath to make my way upwards. Quickly I realized why her nipples were so eager to push their way through the cotton - she was not wearing a bra! Her breasts were small and firm, and clearly so perfectly behaved they did not need to be fettered.

Meanwhile her hand was still working at my bulging jeans, expertly massaging my balls while her thumb sought out my zipper. We had sat back down so that the punters would see less of our groping, and we each had a knee between the other's thighs. Her tongue was checking my teeth for fillings and tickling my palate.

It was time to rock, in more ways than one. I always started the slot with the same tune, which needed no introduction. Led Zep II hit the deck and I cued up the first track.

"Whole Lotta Love," the theme tune to Top of The Pops. The riff rang out. "You need cooling! Baby I aint fooling!" All the rockers stood up and began head banging with their air guitars.

Rachel had taken her chance to give me a whole lot more love too. My green fur-covered disco console sat on its own stand, with light boxes in front and to the sides. She had slipped underneath, and as I faded the track up she unzipped my jeans, whipped out my weapon, and was loving it with her lips! Oh shit, I couldn't move, and stood, trying to pretend I was joining in the head banging. At least the air guitar could explain away the expressions on my face as Rachel's tongue slid down my shaft, sucking my gland greedily into her hot wet mouth!

"Wanna whole lotta love!" Wweeeoow! "Whole lotta love!" Wweeeooow! "Whole lotta love!" Robert Plant sang out, and Jimmy Page's guitar answered. Rachel was sucking a whole lotta knob and I was feeling more like The Lemon Song every second!

"Way down inside..." God, it sure was! In Rachel's mouth. "Woman!..."

What a woman. "You... need..." Rachel's hand squeezed my buttocks.

"Looooooooovvvvvvvvve!" Quick, I needed the next tune, and it better be a long one, I needed to fuck Rachel now! Rapper's Delight was the longest song I had, but I'd have been lynched for that at this time! No, it was my 12" copy of "Freebird," which the head bangers would adore, and which would give me 10 minutes for a quickie at least.

I cued it up and introduced it while Rachel kindly released my cock for long enough to let me speak coherently! Just to be on the safe side I cued up "Pananoid" alongside, shouted a quick message to my mate Jimmy to hit the switches if I didn't get back in time, and hurriedly dragged Rachel through the changing room door. I shut it behind us and pushed an empty case and a chair against it.

"If I leave here tomorrow, would you still remember me?" the song began.

I turned back to Rachel, who had a wicked grin on her face. "I hope you didn't mind!" she said. Mind? I loved it, even though it had put me in a spot! "Oh Rachel," I said, "I've got to fuck you now, and we haven't got long."

"Good," she replied, "because I really need fucking right now, and yours is the stiffest cock I've sucked in a while!"

We looked round. The floor was muddy from footballers' boots; the benches were too small, but there was a table by the wall. I pulled Rachel to it as we clawed at each other like hungry tigers, lips locked together and tongues fighting for control. I fumbled at the button of her jeans, hands trembling with excitement and lust. "Here, let me," she said, and sitting back for a moment, undid her jeans to reveal her red lacy knickers. Quickly I pulled both right down and she kicked them off. "Lord knows, I can't change..." The music next door was coming to the faster section.

My fingers quickly investigated her pussy, but it was already lusciously wet and there really was no time for further foreplay, much as I would have loved to! She pulled my jeans down over my hips and lay back on the table while I stood between her thighs and gently teased the tip of my tool up and down the slit.

"For god's sake fuck me you bastard!" yelled Rachel. She looked too sweet for words like that, but I responded by shoving my cock deep inside her. "Oh yes!" she cried.

"Won't you fly high free bird..." Nobody would hear us over Lynryd Skynyrd.

"Pump my pussy! Pump my fucking pussy!"

Rachel was no virgin, but she had a tight little cunt, and she drew her knees up to make the entry easier. "Oh god, yes, push it deep baby! Harder!" My prick slid in and out and my hips slammed against her ass, slapping her with every thrust. "Faster! Harder! Oh, fuck me!" Her fingernails gouged my hips as she pulled me in. The guitars dueled in a screaming solo.

I looked down at her face, eyes closing in ecstasy, mouth open to breathe raggedly, the tip of her tongue tracing her lips, her dark curls fanning out in a halo around her head. I pushed her t-shirt up to see her tits, which although small were still moving in time to our copulation, the nipples swollen and erect.

"Oh god I'm coming! Come on, fuck me hard!" Rachel's back arched and her whole body quivered while I felt a hot wet sensation around my cock, around my balls as her cum ran down. I felt her pussy pulsating. "OH, FUCKING YES!"

The guitars widdled fast and urgently to a climax. I was nearly ready too, but I wasn't going to come inside her tonight.
"Oh yes, I'm coming too," I gasped, and as I felt the tightening as my dick prepared to pump its load out. I pulled out, shooting cum all up her smooth tummy.

Double beats, and the start of the fade. Shit, was Jimmy on cue? I dragged my jeans back on, gave Rachel a quick kiss full on the lips, then rushed back to sort the music while Rachel cleaned up and dressed.

"Finished with my woman 'cos she couldn't help me with my life..."

Karen was becoming a distant memory. Jimmy had hit the switch as asked, and he grinned at me as I emerged, red-faced, from the door, still tucking my shirt in. "You sly dog!" he said. I just smiled.

Within the minute Rachel reappeared, having managed to spruce herself up. She looked dainty and innocent again, and the stains on her t-shirt weren't that obvious. She walked across to me, smiling, and kissed me passionately. "Darling!"

"Sorry I had to rush off..." I began. She put a finger to my lips, and her limpid green eyes looked into mine.

"I understand, you're working." She thought for a moment, then her expression changed for a moment. "Gosh, you don't think anyone heard me do you? I only ever swear when I'm having sex!"

"Don't worry," I told her, "They won't have heard anything over this lot. But I am going to make you swear even more... By the time I've done we'll have to wash your mouth out with soap!"

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Re: Rock DJ

Post by Wolf Mother » Mon Jan 04, 2021 7:14 pm

Perfect! Loved the play list ❣️. Very enjoyable read.
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