The Shampoo Bandit

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The Shampoo Bandit

Post by Art » Wed Jul 15, 2020 11:53 pm

Where the hell is the new shampoo that I just bought I know I brought it in from the car yesterday. But I can’t seem to find it anywhere I look everywhere. Where could it be? I really wanted to wash my hair and get ready to leave. I have an important meeting today. Let me go see if Sierra has any shampoo in her bathroom that I can use that isn’t too girly! Devon walked to the other side of the house and into the section of the bathroom that had a small entryway with reading material and a display of hand lotion and hand soap for guests.

And out of the corner of his eye he spotted something a foot in view poking out of the shower door he walked over quietly to have a closer look. As he approached he could see that the shower door was slightly open and Sierra was in there sitting on the built in shower seat but the shower was not on and the light in the shower above was on but not an bright setting to make it known that someone was in the shower. Devon walked over to the shower door quietly to get a closer look. And when he did there was Sierra sitting there with her legs spread open giving him a glorious view!

As she leaned back against the seat of the shower with her head tilted back and her eyes closed relaxed and in complete bliss as she worked his brand new bottle of shampoo into her wet pussy! Working it vigorously in and out of herself really getting off with it! Oh hi honey Devon exclaimed breaking her train of thought and stopping her dead in her tracks catching her in the act getting it on with herself with his brand new bottle of shampoo that he had been looking for! I see you are my sexy little shampoo bandit!

Realizing that she had just been caught masterbating and with a bottle of shampoo no less she was quite frightened and embarrassed! Oh you scared me Devon she replied I didn’t hear you come in ! No I can see that he said to her knowing full well what she was doing and why she didn’t know he was there. Feel free to borrow my shampoo any time honey. I really like your use for it much better!Devon entered the shower door and took Sierra in his arms and decided to help her and began to caress her and took over and then she didn’t need that shampoo bottle anymore!

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