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Post by Diamond » Sun Sep 01, 2019 6:45 am

It is an absolute tragedy. The sport has taken enormous strides in safety in the last 50 years but as it says in big letters on the tickets when you go to watch: motor racing is dangerous. It will never be completely safe as long as drivers are in the cars because of the speeds and energies involved. That is why drivers are worth every penny they are paid, they are putting themselves at risk for the sport they love and to entertain those who watch.

Every driver loves to race. Let's hope we get something special tomorrow in memory of Hubert. He wouldn't want anything else

As for qualifying, Leclerc seems to have a significant advantage over one lap. But the race is a different matter. And since Albon has been tuning his car for race pace he ought to be good to watch coming through the field. The midfield are all close on times too, there should be some good battles
Try it. You might like it

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