Virtual Sex

Anything sexual where those involved can't be together
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Virtual Sex

Post by Ben Truelove » Wed Sep 04, 2019 12:11 am

Here are some quick questions around virtual sex, cybersex or call it what you will.

1. What is your definition of virtual sex?
2. Have you ever had virtual sex, by your own definition? Not just on here, but on any site.
3. Have you masturbated either during or after a virtual sex session?

My answers to begin.

1. My own definition is when things get as far as sending each other xxx pics, with explicit descriptions of what you'd enjoy doing with your online partner. The pics are not essential but if you're explaining what you'd like to do to your partner, or inviting suggestions as what he or she would like to be doing with you, then that's virtual sex to me.
2. I've had my definition of virtual sex with several people, male and female.
3. I most definitely have wanked off during some of those sessions, often with a very messy conclusion.

Over to you randy people.
They couldn't see what should've been so obvious.

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