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Pan Daemonia
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Re: Bi-Curious

Post by Pan Daemonia » Mon Feb 01, 2021 1:06 am

Ben Truelove wrote:
Sun Jan 31, 2021 11:41 pm
Another great post Open.
May I ask what was especially disappointing about the other two experiences?
Was it him? You? Environment? Timing? Outcome?
I bet you've been sorely tempted to contact your friend from your best experience haven't you?
Do tell!
Firstly yes I have been very tempted to contact the guy that I had a very successful meet up with and regret not taking his details and keeping them. Of the other two one was a guy coming to the house and without any ado dropping his trousers and getting me to suck his cock. He came quite quickly and then immediately pulled up his trousers and said goodbye. Now in fairness this had been what was agreed on the contact site beforehand but I guess I expected a little more than that. The other experience just did not work as the guy was not that aroused. Two things 1) I am not saying or bragging about having lots of experiences or that I lead this amazing sex filled life. I haven't and I don't and 2) It has certainly not put me off from pursuing sex with other men or couples etc etc. I am a horny guy and always have been but sometimes things don't work out as planned and I guess some people like a wham bam thank you mam kind of sex.

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Ben Truelove
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Re: Bi-Curious

Post by Ben Truelove » Mon Feb 01, 2021 8:29 am

Hey thanks for that extremely comprehensive reply Open; it was a most interesting read.
So I guess you've had the good, the bad and the ugly in terms of male-male experiences then.
You've got to feel sorry for the chap whose nervousness seems to have got the better of him and at least you got a good taste of cock from the man who got what he wanted and left.
But then you have the experience that you've coveted ever since. That must bring a smile to your lips and a twitch to your cock whenever you recall it.
Thanks for sharing.
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