Had a go..

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Had a go..

Post by MrSmooth » Sat Aug 08, 2020 9:42 am

Hey all

My wife and myself are very open loads of posts about us but we just love to try things.

One thing I have never really tried is to give a guy a blow job.

I have masturbated plenty of times in front of men and they have watch my wife masturbated while myself and a friend masturbate

I have let my friend watch me cum awhile back but never really had a go on a man.

The other week I was out with a mate doing some bits and ended up home at mine in the garage.

While in there my mate seen a naked photo on the wall of a porn star and he said ooooh that gives me a hardon that.

I said yeah it's a good photo.

He looked at me and said..

I know you and your wife are like OK with loads of stuff and don't care. I was like yeah we are..

He said if you and your wife are OK with most things then would you be OK here and now for me to have a wank at this photo.

I just said if you want carry on.

So he looked at me and said you sure... I was like yeah carry on not like I ain't seen men masturbated regular on porn etc.

So he unzipped his trousers and completely lowered his trouser and pants to the floor and then I saw it.

OMG it was like 10" no joke it was huge.

I just said to him.. You kept that beast quite look at it.

He smiled and said I guess yours isn't this big.. I was like noooo. I said here have a look so I walked over closer undone my shorts and lowered my shorts and panties to show my shaven man hood.

He turned and looked at mine and said. To be fair mate that's a nice looker and the head is so purple. But man your balls are huge so that makes up for a not so big cock.

I couldn't keep an eye off his huge beast. He was rubbing it and his balls hanging.

I kept my pants etc down and couldn't resist but I said would you mind me tugging it for you.

He looked at me and said please be my guest..

OMG it felt so thick I was stroking it slowly he was moaning alot. I got down on my knees and just slowly put it in my mouth I really struggled to get his head in.

Anyway I was dead going for it and I looked at him and he was in heaven, I was all hard and he made me stand up and he then started to have a good go on my 7" beast which he kept dead throating.

He stopped and said to me.. Look I am Bi and of you don't mind I would love to pop my beast in your ass.

I was like OK but give me 2 mins.

I ran into the house to our bedroom grabbed the KY and ran back dropped my trousers again which were all wet from pre cum. Passed him the KY and said please lube up.. He popped a condom on and lubed up and I bent over..

He slowly inserted into me. Now I normally have a few dildos up me so this was fine he started to push in and he slipped right inside me pretty much all the way.

He moaned and said Holly cow I have never had a man take all of my cock.

I said we have alot of toys me and the wife I can manage a good 13 to 14 inches. After I said that he pushed in and out rapidly I was in heaven. Then he started going hyper speed I was moaning like mad.

I could feel his beast tenses up inside me as he slowed down and started to cum.

He pulled out and he said oh shit.. I was like what..

He said the condom broke.. I was like oh I could feel the cum dropping on my back legs.

He said sorry which was fine I know he has no STI so I said its fine don't worry.

I turned over and he pulled his pants up while i carried on tugging until I unloaded onto the garage floor like a flood. He looked and said Dam look at your cum its not stopping as I carried on for 20 secs flooding out he got his phone out and took a photo of my next to the flooded cum floor Half naked.

I got up and cleaned up and he said that he really enjoyed that and would love to at any point do it again.

It was a first for me and amazing..

Having man on man sex is deffinatly worth a try if you can.

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Re: Had a go..

Post by anallovers » Sat Aug 22, 2020 8:55 am

You lucky fukka. I am so gaggin for my first go on a real willy :p and a beauty 10" would have me quivering at the knees with she delight 😂😂😂 did it feel good? I regularly hVe a big dildo or the wife's strapon but the real thing is blatantly the best option.. Damn I want cock
Bicuurious mf couple looking for bi/bicuurious mf couples for same sex fun

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Re: Had a go..

Post by anallovers » Fri Sep 11, 2020 6:08 pm

Wow what a turn on reading this 😁😁 I'd love to have a rondevous like that :p
Bicuurious mf couple looking for bi/bicuurious mf couples for same sex fun

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