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Funding and Donations

Post by Hovis » Wed Jun 24, 2020 7:50 pm

We are just celebrated the 1st anniversary of the setting up of UKSF2 so I wanted to have a chat about the finances.

As you are aware membership is totally free and it costs nothing to register and enjoy the full benefits of what this forum has to offer. The forum does however incur an annual fee which relates to the upkeep, registration, and hosting of the domain. Payment became due on 28th May 2020, and to avoid disruption of services the fee of £112.35 has already been paid in full by the treasurer out of his own personal account.

As this site is totally self funding, this is the reason we are inviting members to help by making a small donation towards these annual costs - nothing else.

Donations are of course optional, but members who wish to contribute can do so either via the UKSF2 bank account, or via our link to PayPal.

The Bank Details are:

Bank: Lloyds Bank plc
account name: uksf2
account number: 69252660
sort code: 30-97-78

You can also donate via Paypal. There is a PayPal donations link at the top left of the index page, which simply and quickly allows a donation to be made. We are not asking for a large amount (price of a coffee perhaps ?) but any amount will be most gratefully received.

We all have great fun enjoying and using the forum, so if you can contribute it will help guarantee the forums continued existence in the future.

Many thanks
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