Becoming a girl, transvestite or whatever

For discussions about dressing as another gender as a lifestyle choice
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Becoming a girl, transvestite or whatever

Post by TamsinJanus » Sat Sep 14, 2019 11:19 am

Seeing as there are no posts yet I may as well start the ball rolling.

I have been dressing from underwear 14 years ago with my partner's encouragement up to going out to my local Pride and even and local boozer full dressed and made up recently. There are many reason why people cross-dress, from curiosity of their partner's underwear to wishing to feel submissive and girlie or feeling the taboo and kinkiness of soft lingerie. Then there are those (like my partner) who have identified as female internally for some time and now wish to make it a full time feature of their lives, regardless of whether they decide to fully transition or not.

It is very insulting when people refer to us as Ladyboys, shemales, trannies all of which are terms gleamed from porn sites. We are ladies, girls or women. It is equally bad when you refer to us as passing or not. We dress because it is a part of us, not primarily to please men, although man of us are attracted to men, not all are so please do not make assumptions. Looking anything like a girl for most of us means having two wardrobes, potentially hiding one from our partners and stealing time to become the inner girl. Even 'hairy panty wearers' are allowed to express the inner girl as they see fit, if it is not your thing then kindly move along in an orderly manner. We spend a lot of time trying on ill-fitting clothes and dumping stuff as well as designing our look from fashion magazines and websites as well as virtual makeovers and friends advice. If you want to see the life or a TGurl, watch 'POSE' on BBC Iplayer, it is fun, educational and superb drama. Then again Ru Paul's drag race (soon coming to UK TV) is at the other end of the spectrum, we are not all drag queens or have a wish to be. So while we welcome your attention, please remember why we are here and show some respect as you would towards any other lady in the street (no, not that kind) and do not treat us like the cheap porn stars that you get off to,

I welcome opinions and questions from anyone without judgement and will to chat to anyone who treats me well. So please join in the conversation and maybe become somewhat enlightened along the way :heart: :heart: :heart: Tasmin Janus (It was my second life character name). If you would like to read my personal blog about becoming Tasmin it is at

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Re: Becoming a girl, transvestite or whatever

Post by Ben Truelove » Sat Sep 14, 2019 11:41 am

What a great and thoroughly informative post Tamsin.
I think there is still a massive amount of ignorance and intolerance out there but, whilst I wouldn't claim to be any authority on the subject, I'd like to think that I'm certainly one of the more understanding people.
Thanks for sharing this with everybody.
They couldn't see what should have been so obvious.

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