Gardening with Alice

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Gardening with Alice

Post by PENTUP » Tue Jan 07, 2020 9:12 am

It was a fortnight since Tom and Alice’s camping trip on the Gower peninsular. They were sat in the old pensioner’s kitchen enjoying their mid-morning coffee break, reminiscing about their beach experience on their final day of the holiday, which they now referred to as The Hairy Bikers’ Orgy.

“And those four biker women – weren’t their tits huge?” Tom remarked. “I don’t think I’ve ever seen such knockers close-to like that before!”

“Then you’ve clearly been living a very sheltered life, sweetie.” Women at motorcycle rallies love to flash their titties. It goes with the territory.”

Alice herself was topless, wearing her faded denim shorts and green gardening wellies, while Tom was in an old blue boiler suit. He never tired of gazing at this young woman’s tiny firm breasts with their puffy nipples. Seeing him admiring them, Alice ran a palm over the tips of the nipples to firm them up. She looked across at the kitchen clock and smiled. “Soon be time for our shower – then you can give them a lovely glazing!” This intimate act was usually performed with Alice lying on the floor of the shower, while Tom stood astride her and masturbated to completion, allowing his semen and the shower’s warm water to drench her body.

Alice’s original half-day cleaning visits on Mondays had been extended to a full day, to allow her to help Tom in the garden. This particular Monday afternoon turned out to be extremely warm. Tom had rolled down the top half of his boiler suit to mow the lawn, while Alice knelt at the edge of one of the flower beds – now no longer wearing her shorts – with her beautiful rounded bottom pointed in the direction of the next door neighbour’s house (like Tom, an elderly pensioner living alone).

As Tom swung the mower through 180deg at the end of a row, he spotted a bright glint coming from an upstairs window of the neighbour’s house. He switched the mower to idle as he came alongside the kneeling Alice. “Don’t look now, “he mumbled “but I think old George next door has got his field glasses trained on your bum!” Alice grinned but obediently didn’t look in the direction of their ‘Peeping Tom’ and continued weeding.

“How would it be if we laid on a bit of a show for the old pervert?” she asked

“Such as what?”

Alice looked up at the blue sky. “Well, it’s a lovely afternoon – what say we practice a little al fresco watersports?”

“Where – in the shower?”

“No silly – out here on the lawn!”

“In broad daylight?”

“Sure, why not?”

“That would certainly be another first for me!”

Alice stuck her fork into the flower bed and stood up. “And Alice’s top tip for all watersports devotees is…”

“Is what?” queried a bemused Tom.

Heading for the kitchen she called back: “Drink plenty of mineral water first!”

They spent the best part of half-an-hour consuming water and herbal teas, with Alice making occasional forays into the garden (always in the nude) to check that the neighbour was still watching at his window. “Yup, he’s still up there,” she confirmed. “Shall we get started?”

“Why not.”

Barefooted, Tom was now down to his white boxer shorts. Alice was in the buff.

“Erm… are we going to do this in a discreet corner of the garden?” the old man asked nervously, having got ‘cold feet’ at the last moment.

“No, we most certainly are NOT!” exclaimed feisty Alice, marching to the centre of the lawn and tossing a small pillow on the ground. She gave a casual glance in the direction of their neighbour’s first floor bedroom, then seeing the silver glint of his binoculars announced: “This spot will be perfect.”

“How exactly does it… work? This watersports business?”

Alice sat down on the grass, facing towards the next-door neighbour’s property. She lay back and rested her head on the pillow. Then bending her knees, she opened her legs wide to give old George a full-on view of her shaven quim. “Right sweetie, this is how it works. I’ll start my pee-pee first. I’ll pinch my labs to make it come out like an amber fountain. You stand between my legs, facing me, and let go whenever you’re ready.”

“Where do you want it?”

She giggled. “Anywhere and everywhere. Piss all over me, darling!”

The ‘show’ which they laid on for the neighbour lasted a good five minutes and Tom enjoyed in hugely, though poor Alice was drenched. Drying her breasts and face with a towel she glanced across to check if George was still at his post. The curtains remained motionless. “I guess he’s gone off for a nice wank!” she observed with her usual frankness.

In the middle of the week of the ‘watersports frolic’, Tom rang his solicitor. “I’d like to pop in to discuss a little matter concerning my Will.”

“Certainly Mr Harcourt. I could see you at 3 this afternoon, if that would be convenient?”

Seated at the side of his solicitor’s desk that afternoon, Tom asked for a Codicil to be drafted and added to his Will. “My wife is dead and both my children are settled, with their families – my eldest son is an extremely successful banker in the City of London. I’d like to reduce their combined bequests by 50% and leave it all to a new Beneficiary.”

“And the name of this person, Mr Harcourt?”

“Alice Sergeant.”

This story concludes the Alice Trilogy

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Ben Truelove
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Re: Gardening with Alice

Post by Ben Truelove » Thu Jan 09, 2020 12:01 am

What a great conclusion Pentup.
It's heartwarming to read that young Alice is to be remembered in Tom's will. I can't help but wonder if Tom will bequeath a large pearl necklace to her in his will along with her 50%.
Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it.

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Re: Gardening with Alice

Post by PENTUP » Thu Jan 09, 2020 4:48 am

@Ben: clearly dirty minds think alike as I seriously considered having old Tom give her a lovely 'pearl necklace' out there in his garden! Only reason I rejected the idea is because the image I'd hand-picked from the internet (after much diligent research - using only my left hand, as my right hand was busy!) is because my chosen pic wouldn't have passed 'Diamond muster'.

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