Tried something new.

Sometimes we all need to indulge in some DIY
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Tried something new.

Post by MrSmooth » Mon May 11, 2020 7:05 am

Sorry I haven't been on lately work and other things are picking up on this lockdown so not had much time to attend forums.

Anyway the other week.

I was playing with myself in the bed late at night with wife down stairs, I was having a right good session.

My wife comes up stairs to come to bed and sees me naked on the bed rubbing my self off, she looks and walks into the bathroom,

I hear her talking quietly to someone on her phone so I just carry on, after about 4 mins the wife walks in holding her phone and she said, you know my friend that wants to join us after lock down for fun. I say yes..

Well can she watch you jerk off over Internet while I hold the phone, she is dying to see your cum load I told her about.

If course I agreed..

She lifts her phone up and said to her friend told you he would be fine and pointed the camera at me laying there. I saw her friend and when she seen me naked with my manhood in my hand she just said.. Oooh my god wow that's an amazing purple head.

I carried on playing and I could she my wifes friend was watching closely while I played, she then said something to which the with asked her again what she said, she said "I am so wet and fingering myself" my wife said back to her. "I am getting wet also"

My wife passed me her phone for a min while she got naked, while my wife got undressed I showed her friend her undressing, she was like this is amazing.

My wife climbed onto the bed and started to finger herself infront off her friend so now I had two women masturbating over Internet.

My wifes friend said "I want to see your husbands fat one again and I want to see him cum"

So my wife to control of phone again and pointed at me..

So I started again.. I looked at the phone and her friend was naked and she is a chubby girl with big beasts her legs where spread apart and she was showing me her fingering her wet flaps and then I saw it.. She had a huge clit I mean my wifes is like 1-2inchs but this was like 3 inches long omg..

I said your clit is huge she replied with its bigger than some mens penis she had been with.

I was about to shoot my load and said get ready here I cum.

Both my wife and her friend stopped and watched me realeease.. It was a flood as usal I kept Cumming for about 30 secs filling my belly and chest and caught some in my mouth. When I finally stopped my wife started to scoop it up and fed it me infront off her friend., her friend let out a big scream she was Cumming. My wife said to her "good girl"

My wife finished herself off and we ended up talking naked on bed for about 20mins. With her friend saying she can not wait to be able to come around and play with my wife and my manhood. I said I can't wait to have a go on her huge clit. Which she showed it to us again and even soft it was huge I was like omg that's amazing.

She said "well you can play with it as much as you like soon as long as she can play with mine and my wife.

It's a deal we all said..

So we are still here and having fun..

Stay safe all

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Re: Tried something new.

Post by PENTUP » Mon May 11, 2020 8:20 am

What a really lovely experience: a sexy threesome courtesy a couple of smart phones. And your friend's giant clittie sounds truly amazing!

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Re: Tried something new.

Post by littlemiss » Mon May 11, 2020 4:45 pm

Wow, that sounds seriously hot! Sounds like everyone involved was very lucky! Xx
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Re: Tried something new.

Post by UK72 » Tue May 12, 2020 12:10 pm

Mmmmmmm that is one hot story! Sounds like the three of you had a lovely time together :wanking: :twisted:
A dirty mind is a terrible thing to waste :twisted: :suckfuck: :smiley-3some:

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Re: Tried something new.

Post by WriterLust94 » Tue May 12, 2020 7:21 pm

Sounds like a great experience :D ;) hopefully you all get the chance to do it again soon :wanking: and the real thing too of course.
Be kind, have fun, and no regrets ;)

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