Rules for posting images and videos

Important. Please read these first!
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Rules for posting images and videos

Post by uksf2_admin » Thu May 30, 2019 12:40 pm

Note: these rules apply only to photos posted in the general forum, NOT for members Photo Galleries which have less strict rules.

Posting of photos and videos in the general forum is allowed, providing that the following rules regarding suitable and unsuitable content are adhered to.

General Photo / Video Rules
  1. This is NOT a porn site, so please do not post photos or videos of you or others having penetrative sex. If you want to post photos like this, please use one of the many alternative websites where this is encouraged.
  2. Photos of children are not allowed under ANY circumstances, even if they are non-sexual in content. If you want to post a photo of your family holiday etc, please ensure that any minors are removed from the photo first.
  3. All uploaded images are moderated before being shown on the forum. This means that if you upload an attachment, it may take a while before it is approved by a moderator during which time it will not be shown.
  4. Uploading photos that are unsuitable may result in a ban of your account depending on the circumstances.
  5. If you are posting a photo/video of your partner, please ensure you have their permission to do so.
  6. If you post a photo/video of you or your partner, you may want to blur or mask the face. This is not required, but bear in mind that you may have regrets later. This is entirely at your own risk.
  7. Please do not upload content which is subject to copyright, however you may link directly to content from another website providing it meets with our acceptable content rules below.
The guidelines below are not exhaustive - please use common sense when posting content.

Example posting scenarious are also shown below to illustrate the spirit of our posting rules.

Acceptable Photo/Video Content (subject to unacceptable content guidelines)
General photos which are not classed as unacceptable as below
  • Nude photos / clothed photos of consenting adults
  • Sexual photos/videos where no penetration by a penis is shown
  • A person or persons in bondage
  • A person in a spanking scene
  • Sex toys / Sex Toys In Use
  • Tasteful photos/videos taken before/after sex
  • Fetish photos where no penis penetration is taking place
  • Photos/Video close-ups of genitalia posted with the intent of illustrating a concept (eg showing a medical condition, piercings, tattoos)
Unacceptable Photo/Video Content
  • Anything which contains a minor or child
  • Anything showing an animal in a sexual context
  • Anything which shows blood
  • Anything which shows defecation or the consequences.
  • Anything which shows content deemed illegal by UK law
  • Anything which depicting a person who has not consented to having their image shown on a public website
  • Posting Gratuitous pictures/video of your genitals with no apparent reason to do so
  • Where sexual penetration by a penis is shown
  • Gratuitous porn linked from other websites
  • Acts of violence against another person where either that person is non-consenting or where the violence has caused injury or bleeding.
  • Scenes of people in distress or of rape
  • Content intended for soliciting sex with other people
Some Examples of acceptable / unacceptable content scenarios:
  • Acceptable: A photo of you in the nude or wearing sexy underwear
  • Acceptable: A photo of you using a dildo
  • Acceptable: A photo of you giving a blowjob, handjob, licking a pussy, taking a facial
  • Unacceptable: A photo of you being penetrated by a penis (no penis penetration) in public forum.
  • Acceptable: A photo of you whipping someone
  • Unacceptable: A photo of you whipping someone who is crying (distress)
  • Acceptable: A photo of a spanked bottom with red cheeks
  • Unacceptable: A photo of a bleeding bottom (no blood)
  • Acceptable: A photo of a genital piercing
  • Unacceptable: A photo of your cock for solicitation (solicitation,gratuitous)
  • Acceptable: A photo of your partner cumming on your tits
  • Acceptable: A photo of you and your spouse on holiday
  • Unacceptable: A photo of you and your children on holiday (no children under any circumstances)
  • Acceptable: A link to a video showing a magic wand in use as a demonstration
  • Unacceptable: A link to a general porn movie (gratuitous porn)
  • Acceptable: A photo of your partner in handcuffs
  • Unacceptable: A photo of someone bound and gagged and in actual distress (person in distress)
  • Unacceptable:A photo you have taken or used without that person's consent.

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