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Posting Rules

Post by uksf2_admin » Thu May 30, 2019 12:34 pm

When posting on forums, please ensure that your content is suitable.


As this is a forum for the discussion of sex, it is of course acceptable to post content describing graphic sex acts which will naturally include the use of strong language and swear words. In other words, do not feel worried about posting strong content as long as it does not fall into the unsuitable content categories below.

If you are uploading photos or videos, please refer to our separate rules about visual content.


The following list provides examples of content we deem unsuitable. Posting this type of content will result in action being taken and possibly a ban on your account.

1. Pestering other members for photos
Pestering other members to post pictures of their body parts is not acceptable and will be treated as harassment. General requests for photos for a valid reason (for example of an event, a sex toy, a new outfit) made in a polite manner are ok. Members who have uploaded few or no photos of themselves but see fit to push others to do so will not be looked upon favourably by other members or the moderators.

2. Illegal Sex Acts and Violence
We do not allow posts which discuss practices which are illegal in the UK or posts which include descriptions of acts of violence (where such acts are beyond what would reasonably be deemed acceptable in a BDSM scene). This includes any content referencing children or minors, underage sex (18), bestiality, defecation (scat) or physical violence with the intent to cause harm.

3. Spamming
We have a zero-tolerence policy on spamming in all shapes and forms. Whilst we allow links to other sites, be sure that they are in context to the discussion. Our moderators will spot any attempts at spam a mile off and unless the offending member has a good reputation with the forum, we will not hesitate to issue a ban on your account and possibly your IP address too. The same rules apply for private messaging.

4. Using the forum as a pick-up joint or for solicitation (incl. commercial sales).
We do not allow members to solicit themselves on the forum whether it is for financial gain, promoting other websites or otherwise. If you have made friends with another member and wish to discuss anything with them privately you may do so using the private messaging system, however any member found to be sending spam messages other users will be banned.

5. Flaming
Personal attacks on other forum members or attacks aimed at particular social groups will not be tolerated. If you have a disagreement over a forum posting, please try to settle your differences without resorting to threats, insults or harassment. Any such behaviour will result in a permanent ban for the member or members involved. If you believe you have witnessed such an attack, please report the post immediately using the report button.

6. Trolling
Posting content with the deliberate intention of upsetting another member or social group, ethnic group or other will also result in a permanent ban. Trolling will not be tolerated.

7. SHOUTING and deliberately invasive formatting of content.
Please avoid using ALL CAPITALS unless absolutely necessary. Likewise, please refrain from abusing our formatting controls and posting with giant text or posting (for example) all in bright red.

8. Nonsense Posts
Posting merely with the intent of boosting your posting stats is not allowed. We will spot it and take action.

9. Abusing moderators or forum staff
It goes without saying that any abuse directed at our moderators (other than fair comment or rational debate) will not be tolerated.

10. Identifiable Addresses
Do not use email addresses et al in posts or usernames. There are some accepted exceptions in your profile, or if you are one of the site sponsors.

11. Language Selection
Please keep your posts (including biography,signature, profiles etc.) in English. If we are unable to effectively moderate we will have to delete any that we cannot understand. We do not have time to run them though a translator.

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