Photo Gallery Rules

Important. Please read these first!
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Photo Gallery Rules

Post by uksf2_admin » Thu May 30, 2019 12:35 pm

If you are uploading photos to your photo galleries, please observe the following rules:

A. General Rules For All Galleries
  1. Galleries must not be used to post advertisement banners
  2. Photos of children are not allowed under any circumstance, even if they are just in a family holiday photo.
  3. Photos of sex with animals or of rape or anything else illegal under UK law are not allowed.
  4. Photos stolen from porn sites or in which people who have not given their consent to be photographed are not allowed. Also pretending that a photo of someone else is a photo of you is not allowed.
  5. Galleries are primarily intended for photos of you, your partner / playmate or other photos which you have taken however you may upload other types of photo if you wish providing they follow the rules.
  6. Photos which are intended to incite hatred against others are also forbidden.
B. Rules for Specific Galleries

Public Gallery

Closeup shots of cocks/pussies and/or photos of penis penetration of another person are not allowed in the public gallery.

Members Gallery

Anything may be posted in these galleries providing you obey the general rules.

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