Private Messaging Rules

Important. Please read these first!
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Private Messaging Rules

Post by uksf2_admin » Thu May 30, 2019 12:38 pm

1. Rules for sending private messages.

1.1 Please do not send unsolicited private messages to members who you do not know or have not chatted with.
This includes asking them personal questions or if they are looking for a guy/girl/slave/master or whatever. This is not an appropriate thing to do unless a member has specifically requested people to contact them about this or you have a rapport with that person.

1.2 Do not pester other members for access to their VIP gallery
If a member wants you to be a VIP then they will make you one. Pestering someone about this is not acceptable and at the very least may get you removed from their friends list altogether.

Anyone found to be doing this will be banned from sending private messages and may be banned from the site completely.

If someone has been sending you messages like this, please feel free to report them to a team member

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